USNews Top National Universities

National #56
Austin, Texas
ESL Tuition 9990 (USD)
National #87
Binghamton, New York
Bachelor's Tuition 21,550 (USD)
National #94
Saint Louis, Missouri
Bachelor's Tuition 44,015 (USD)
Master's Tuition 20,815 (USD)
National #97
Norman, Oklahoma
Bachelor's Tuition 28,252 (USD)
Master's Tuition 19,500 (USD)
National #103
Chicago, Illinois
Bachelor's Tuition 45,872 (USD)
Master's Tuition 22,900 (USD)
National #103
Durham, New Hampshire
Bachelor's Tuition 33,900 (USD)
Master's Tuition 29,895 (USD)
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    I chose Campus Cow because a US university application must be perfect and all your documents must be in order. It is too easy to make a mistake and get denied for something small.

    University of Saint Francis

    My counselor was kind and patient and helped me through each step of the application process. I was so proud when I received my acceptance package from the University of Oklahoma. I trust Campus Cow because American counselors understand American universities better than a local agent.

    University of Oklahoma

    Campus Cow is the best agency for Indian students who are planning to study in USA. I applied at four universities and was accepted at all of them. Greg Rainey and Visha Thacker made the application process simple and fast.

    King's College

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